Nov 9, 2011

On Another Thought....

Have you ever started a post and half-way through delete it all...even though you feel strongly about the crap, you just want to take another path? ..because seriously, who wants to watch THIS? and then rant over it? I want to read his book, but certainly it would have to be from the library (none of my money would leave my hand for it)....what I really missed was Andy Rooney's simple thoughts on a everyday wonder at the end.
SO, instead I had a thought today:
1. Special Collection Card in drawer, 2. Rod Detail in Card Catalog Drawer, 3. Rod and Shelf in Card Catalog, 4. Two Drawers in Use, 5. One Quarter of the Card Catalog Cabinets, 6. Working Drawers, 7. Card Catalog Overview, 8. Symbolism Catalog Cards, 9. Busy Drawers

I miss them. I actually can remember the smell of them.  The last time I saw one was year 2000 (after looking at their site, I can see it was moved into a new building...change of times- of course, the big old southern pillar building it used to be in was very -authentic! I probably looked a little odd at the time...being amazed and groping the wood- pulling out the drawers, filing my finger through the cards as if I was looking for a book. ahhhhh, the thought of using  my alphabetical ability!!! that time the two children in tow were 8 & 4. Perhaps a child born in 1996 were the last to experience these!
SO, my original rant changed into a little gentler one, where can I get one?

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teabird said...

You are singing my song...