Oct 27, 2011

A Difference a Day makes!

 The Rockies had a big snow storm....
 We only received around 6" on the lawn...as the cement areas were too warm from yesterday's record warmth of 76 degrees.  This was a 50 degree DROP yesterday!

 Nugget had better things to do than worry about a storm!
 Trees were heavy with wet snow

THEN this morning happened!!!!
 This morning's view...the colorful thing on the corner we finally know to be a 'Kid's dentist'. The whole building just doesn't match buildings in the area...but somehow they didn't ask me ;}
Like I have said a thousand times before...I never get tired of this view.


  1. Great views, Paula!
    Nugget as always make me smile!
    Many hugs.
    Muitos abraços in Portuguese.

  2. Just stopping by to see again your beautiful photos and wishing you a pleasant weekend.

    Thanks for your visiting and comment!
    Many hugs!

  3. What a beautiful mountain. Thank you for sharing all your views out the windows and for sharing Nugget, too. Reminds me that Jazzie had sweet, very long lashes.

    I miss snowy Colorado sometimes.


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