Mar 21, 2011

Happy Spring

 Gnome is getting ready!
 Tweet went a' traveling...and wanted me to post this picture of her!
 Almost blooming on this first day of Spring!
There are the huge red tulips.... I can't wait to see them. Hopefully, no April snows to freeze them.

What better way to celebrate Spring than with handmade HATS! Here is a stay-at-home mom to four handsome boys (busy lady) that is selling  her beautiful handiwork (her Esty acct)! If you have anyone that may be interested, it would be great if you could link on :) More photos at Cuddlepie Crochet on her Facebook acct. (don't have to have one yourself)...Please take a look...she is starting another one as I type this!
I can't help but think of...'Caps for Sale' ...remember that 1940 classic?  They are ADORABLE hats!!
Caps for sale
Caps for sale
Caps upon my head
Caps for sale
Caps for sale
Yellow, blue and red


  1. That was really sweet Paula, Thank you!!Love ya!!!Tracy

  2. Tweet's really been getting around! hehe. so cute.

    And, Happy Spring! I'll dash off now to look at the hats, but first, more of your blog.

  3. I am so glad spring is here! I got my mom some pink tulips for her birthday last week (got some carnations too), and I've taken some photos of them on my photography blog ( I got them in a pot as I thought she could plant the bulbs in the fall - or whenever you plant them - and they'll grow again...a gift that keeps on giving!

    The sweater looks great! I haven't done much knitting lately - working on a crocheted blanket for a friend's first baby. No pics of that yet, but hopefully I'll get that finished in the next few days and take some pics for the knitting blog.


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