Feb 7, 2011

It's just one of those days that the EDGE of the blanket will do! Once more I need to clear my head. With the  buzz at work   (the board has passed to do away with transportation dept. as we know it) you know what they are aiming for.... independent contractors!!!  Talk about 93 people out of a job at the end of the year......   confirms my moving plans, but that's not what I wanted to leave behind....next step is to see in March whether the Board agrees to pay-for-service...Anyway, a lot more to it...the master plan in place (voting in outsiders...to put the plan in action)  the famous buzz word has hit us.... Innovation to Education.  don't worry, I'm not going political in my blog....but does anyone reading have a positive experience with this plan/type of charter schools? Seriously, I'm open to hear about....

Only thing I have to say...if in theory this is to work change our education in this country....  the closed door board meeting kept in secret (because all the support identities are to be contracted out...amazing how the diff. departments were not invited...) votes on something that was a surprise...people 'put in place'...district forced into corners  (losing millions every year) only to HAVE to vote for for 'Innovation to Education' and then like a miracle  ...*give me a heaven like * AAAHH.....states have money!!!! Here is Colorado!!  When you research where these grants are coming from...just click.   !!!

Now, let me say...it may very well be a very good thing maybe REALLY!.......BUT....it feels like something out of 1984...or Fahrenheit 451.....takeover....and if families/tax payers of the district disagree? TOO BAD...the power of the people have absolutely disappeared.........


  1. My gigantic comment just went poof. Probably a good thing.

    About Charter schools. I live a half block from one. There have been so many different ones in that site for the last ten years, and the most any of them lasted there was three years. They have an incredible turn over, and that's unsettling for the children.

    I agree. We can't have corporations, no matter how rich or dedicated, buying into the public schools with their own agendas and programs.

    We have a public school system BECAUSE we want our children to be educated in a balanced way, and not given up on in the 4th grade, say. We need to have a federal overview and grant system because education of the children in a country is a huge benefit to the country as a whole. Some counties and some states do not have the money to do this, so the pool of money HAS to include federal tax money. It's the kindest and best way to insure a good education for the most children.

    Einstein comes to mind whenever anyone shows up with a plan that sends children that young down alternate courses, which is something I fear the Gates Foundation will be trying. I'm not sure that's what is specifically what can happen in this plan but I have a suspicion that that is what will happen.

    But if children are pigeon holed too early it can have bad consequences for both the ones who are accelerated and the ones who are brushed aside. Einstein was a dreamer who wouldn't have fit this new model. What if he hadn't persevered in the way that he did in Germany and other European countries his parents moved their family to?

    I don't like closed door meetings where futures are decided. It's not the American way. We do things democratically or we suffer.

  2. Hi Paula,
    Next week I will do a post about my and Flora's "virtual dogs friends" who loves to take a nap on Mom's bed or on the couch. May I post this photo of Nugget taking a nap on the quilt (or is it a tricot blanket) on my blog? Please, let me know if I could do it. Thank you.


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