Jan 27, 2011


I really think it’s something…my cycles…cyles of the month, cycles of my mind, cycles of up and down. I came home in a fog and took some time…drank some coffee …calm my mind.. Flashes of thoughts…creative thoughts..different not less.  I’m totally loving Temple Grandin (DVD)!!!  I think it’s something I may want to buy. My organization or should I say compartmentalization…not sure if that is the proper ‘term’, but it’s the term I use when my mind goes this way.  Is it a simple drop of estrogen? When the balance gets ‘off’. A Nancy Drew computer game is calling, but no time. A friend at the bus-barn said something like ‘Paula Time’ for the future after the move. What will I chose to fill that time? I was thinking of actually buying something from the ‘Great Courses’ catalog. ...could I cont. with math education? Could I cont. with some special needs individuals? Images…. Perhaps work on the Art of Reading…
Time is going away…I must get back to my -job-  of course, something I will miss, but I must put titles on other things as a -job- and it will sustain me in San Diego.
   Just thoughts I’m having     (these may not make any sense, Dear Reader...just 'stepping out' by posting them)
Today while I was washing my bus door windows in front of a middle school, a special needs person (that doesn't ride my bus, but another) appeared very close to my side presenting a shiny red apple. "Oh, what a nice red apple!" I replied..at first startled, but recognized him. The apple stayed at my eye level, "For you" the student replied. What a nice surprise. If only people were as lucky as I to have yet another year (however different)...I have learned so much...about others and, most of all, myself.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my dear friend,SO much on your mind. Praying and knowing it will all come into your different compartments. You are being thought of and loved. Once you get settled things will start to fall into place:)Love you!Tracy