Dec 5, 2010

Some Cleaning

I have finally completed some cleaning many areas! I went through my hoarded yarn boxes and analyzed what I needed/wanted...for projects that I'm still interested in. I put my yarn on a spreadsheet... accountability! The rest? I put in a large bag and off to Goodwill it went. Surprisingly, I had no feelings. Kind of a cleansing feeling.
The major project looming is to put a binding on the queen quilt!
Lastly, I finally dumped Internet Explorer and am enjoying Chrome 5! (browser cleansing!)

It's that 40 thing... if I want to give something up, I will! I want to thank you for your wonderful comments- they meant a lot! I know 'forty' isn't necessarily 'old' or anything, but it's all perspective. I've always been a person that felt 'older' than most... I've many times have friends that are 10 years older. For some reason, I've never 'fit in' with people my own age... although, I'm starting to! ha! I think, perhaps, our military lifestyle can be very advancing...esp. 20 years of it. (not to mention...there is 6 more years of it!)

SO, in 10 days DH will fly in and soon after DD....then DM & DF should arrive for Christmas, although, that will be challenging after the year of mild stroke, operation, & chemo and a couple of missed Christmas's... all is clear for now and travel (even in a car) will be a ...'process', for a lack of a better word.

....BUT summer 2011 we will be moving back to where my husband is stationed...whether we are able to sell our house or rent it out. I say that so glibly, but it is an absolute heavy thing on my mind.

I WISH it would snow...after all, it IS Colorado in December. So, hope it doesn't cause problems for viewing, but I added some snow to my blog! Back to finishing some magazines, so I can actually start looking at my DECEMBER ones!

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