Oct 13, 2010

Yesterday was Yesterday

It's kind of ironic that three or four posts ago I was sharing some California pics! Now I'm back there once more! I have a 'Fall Break' with the school district (my son's and my work) so back on the road to San Diego to visit my DH! Don't worry, I haven't lost it...I have been doing some travel this year and I DO know this is of Chicago from the Hancock Building during our last break ;)

For some, this may entice feelings of excitement. For me it raises feelings of stress within me. No particular reason- other than the idea of the pure NUMBER of people within the square miles. Being back in San Diego just reminds me of this as well. A kind of preparing my mind is going through. If/when our house sells....I will be back here. (San Diego behind my shoulder)

On a sadder note, Remy the Rat has passed away last night. The rat sitter (who I trust) was sadden to have to tell me, but I wasn't surprised as Remy was aging- I'm just glad it was fast. Of course, then I had to call my daughter to tell her. I had taken a cute picture before I left, but of course, that is on my computer at home! So, in tribute to our small fur baby I thought this wonderful inflight sunset I captured after taking off from Denver would be appropriate.


... rest in peace dear little one...

May 2008-October 12, 2010

Other things on my mind today:

*USS Cole Tribute

*Miner's and their families

*Happy Birthday US Navy

for less intense...

*Cozies...of all kinds

*felt houses

*my conceptual space... OK, that's a little deep, but enjoying the article. I'm thinking of sending it to my email so I have it back at home.

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