Sep 28, 2010

Today is today

Thank you so much for your help...I was definitely thinking Google reader. Couple things I found, although, I may be doing things wrong. First, how do I comment on my favorite blogs? and second, it just reads it and shows the photos...I don't get to see the colors of their blogs :(
I have found that putting all my favorite blogs on my Blogger Dashboard....then that clears up my two issues! I want to make sure I have everyone caught on it I don't want to drop anyone!


Chery said...

Click on the colored circle with >> at the far right of each post of your reader list. If you hold the Ctrl button while clicking, it will open the blog in a new tab. Contact me if you have questions: cheryknits at gmail dot com

zippiknits said...

This is one reason why I don't read in a reader. They are convenient but they do have that less than personalized drawback. I like to see the personality of the blogger come through their designs. You could click through with Bloglines too but it wasn't as good.

Vik said...

I had no time to organize my bloglines yet!