Sep 18, 2010

Hello Everyone

Sorry it's been awhile-at the end will explain. This is a JOSHUA TREE in California!
This is a rare look (no cars) on the I-15 freeway going into Los Angeles! I couldn't help but think of my Colorado AIR!
...but then there is San Diego!! While the deserts and even city of El Cajon were reaching 113 degrees... it was 74 by the water!
OK, a coffee pot and two cups in the RV. The significance of this photo is tremendous to me. Our coffee cups were together!! The way it needs to be.
wind energy....caught a little sun energy in the photo ;) ... if anyone cares to read a little more on the project -it's here.
My husband is in San Diego for his next duty station, although, his ship is still in Mississippi. The USS San Diego It's kind of a long story and I see that look of convusion when I try to describe what is happening. Next year sometime he will go to MS and ride the ship around to it's home port 'San Diego'.
He left for the ship for 2-3 years and then he was to retire. My son and I were to stay back here with the house...let him finish school and I continue what I love. He wanted to experience bringing in a new ship to the Navy before he said adios. (he's at 20yr mark early next year)
However, in July he made Senior Chief (E-8)....which gives him the ability to serve for 25 years (thus more %$ for retirement). So our plans have changed-he's not coming back to Colorado anytime soon to live. So, our house must be sold....and then we will meet him back in San Diego and continue to serve the US Navy! The truth? he's aiming for Master Chief....and retirement? hmmmm.... lets say 30 years. Who knows.
These past months have allowed me to wrap my mind around all this- shift my gears....which have been hard I must admit.... I allowed myself to feel 'settled'! Perhaps only a military family would understand exactly what I mean. Of course, these months have helped with, what I call: 1/2 empty nest syndrome that I never expected to have, but did! My (our) daughter is done with basic training and is in Pensacola, FL for her extended schools in the Navy. I certainly feel pleased!
SO, our own ships course must go on... back to San Diego. We will put our house on the market in the next few months....and the saga will continue.


Cathy said...

Maybe 3rd time in the charm in leaving a comment!!

Good luck with the continuing saga.

Vik said...

Hello there! I thank you so much this trip and the pictures! And... the saga continues! Always remember this: The Best is Yet to Come!

zippiknits said...

I get to meet you??? Yay!!