Dec 30, 2009

2009 Summary

1. Painted Birdhouses, 2. Robert, 3. My Design, 4. My Stepping Stone, 5. 'Scary', 6. Cards, 7. "Green' Afghan, 8. Crocheted Dishrag, 9. Doily, 10. Dishcloth I, 11. Dishcloth II, 12. Little Heart, 13. Nylon Crocheted Purse, 14. Quick Bag, 15. Scary II
The {Project a Month} did help, but it seems every time I join something like that, I don't have a good feeling about it at the end for some reason. (don't know why) Maybe it's the pressure to have to show something that ruins my creativity. I can't produce project after project like some of my favorite inspiring blogs do...maybe that is what I've learned through blogging. ....and that's really OK!

You know another thing that is bothering me? e-book sales vs. hard books If you enjoy that- great, but my books aren't going anywhere! I need to touch a book, feel the pages, smell the book, the book is a friend sitting besides you... I'm just saying. These aren't going anywhere!

My projects for next year? I have a red doily that I need to finish, an actual latch hook I'm working on, I want to make some more dish clothes, and I still want to try my hand at watercolor although I said that last year ...maybe this coming year. All in my own time-wherever the creativity leads me.

Admin Thoughts
My {Military Knitters} ring has ceased..the ring doesn't do the updates anymore for some reason, so I took that off. I'm going to try to fix the {Go Red-Better U} sidebar app because I think that is important.
I have to share a fact- you may or may not have noticed, that I don't have any curvy letters to type in after you comment. The truth is... I haven't had one of those advertisement-like comments in over a year!! If you get one -you just delete it. It's becoming a pet-peeve of mine to have to constantly do that after I type a comment on so many blogs (although, on my favorite blogs I still do it :)
Please share your feelings on 'comments'. Do you like your ability to comment as full page, pop-up page, or embedded under page? I'm wondering why some of the blogs I read have that annoying 'security warning' and many do not.
Lastly, I really want to have a handle on how to make a banner! If anyone has thoughts please share...

Dear 2009
January brought clear beautiful sunsets. February brought us passing of Jo-Jo (a very tame, lovable Dwarf Hammy with personality) and Mom had an unfortunate mild stoke. March brought an experience of wrestling for my son (won't do it again he says) and welcoming Spunky another dwarf that isn't as playful or friendly, but we love and take care of him just the same. April brought a nice snow fall and bulbs blooming. May brought us a nice truck and a little girl that turned 17. June sweet warm days and a trip to Washington DC. July brought a black fox, camping trip, and a boy that turned 13, a car for daughter, and a trip up Pikes Peak. August brought State Fair and back to school. September brought football games (for seeing the band, of course) and trip to Garden of the Gods. October brought passing of a much loved rat, trip to Keystone (a great year for hubby job-wise), but more bad news for my mother. November brought lots of pain for me (fixed in Dec) and end of football season for son -always have withdrawals from that. December brought blessings in many ways.
I'm looking forward to 2010! I have a feeling I need to get back to nature more than I did in 2009! I know 2010 with have more new beginnings and endings.....



Deana said...

The night I saw Grisham speak he spoke of a day when there would be no hard books unless we, book lovers, did something. I can't stand the thoughts of no REAL books! I love them too much. I don't want to read off a machine.

Happy New Year!!!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Happy New Year to you and yours, dear Paula!

Shelley said...

Happy New Year! Love your creations from this year!