May 8, 2009

STOP Geek moment

Just stop everything! This little tidbit of information you can not do without today! Did you know that every 133 official Crayon color has a hex code?

If I'm not mistaken according to my Color Index book not all colors are browser safe (ie. have a hex code) . Horrors..... can you imagine -if a wrong color gets on the screen it explodes!? No, just kidding.

I told my husband this and he kind of shook his head slowly. Why I was so exciting looking this up...I DON"T KNOW, but here is what I found:

FINE...I can't wait to come home after work and tell my daughter (you know, the one that took over the blog with her art).... SHE WILL UNDERSTAND!

Nugget appears to be #42, we just put #47 on the kitchen walls, and I'm about to drive my #110 bus......

I'm going to try this information on a couple of girls on my high school route that I always joke back and forth with....I'll let you know how this information is received.....

OK...I know.... enough!

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  1. Wow PJ, I am very impressed by your knowledge of hex code information! And no, I didn't know that bit of trivia about the crayons, but it's interesting stuff to know, just in case! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day this weekend!


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