May 30, 2009

Embark on Summer Break...

...more like take it over!I always wanted to walk to this old train bridge.

Yours truly claiming her summer break! (I know photographer worse error...horizon!)

My daughter claiming her LAST summer break!..and, by the way, she is 17 today!!!! I can't believe it!!!
I was also inspired to totally detail my car, by hand, after this hour walk!
Today? Well, I'm pooped out....
I completed my 2ND year as a bus driver. I had an interesting year. A tear left my eye for dropping off my last high school students- I will miss their joking around-they enjoyed me and I enjoyed them , my middle school- well, I'll be honest, they were very good on the bus (actually, kind of odd to be this good with this age group), but for some reason never really bonded with them- they were like statues walking off last day..after being told have a good summer, many said nothing (?)...kind of odd (always has been like that) almost on the side of boring...and then there was my elementary....boy, they gave me the run for my money.... sadly, I learned more about dysfunction that can occur in families, I also learned that no matter how many times you suspend a child- they just don't learn or have the guidance to change their behavior... there was about 5 children that, as sad as it sounds, that would have fit that description. It's amazing the time and effort put in on the same kids/parents... but 90% were fine and I will miss their smiling faces. There was one endearing little boy that always tried to beat me to saying, "I will see you this afternoon"
-it is sad that I won't see him in the afternoon on Monday-
So, yesterday I sat on my hummingbird bench looking at my mountain pondering all the happy faces and cute encounters. The dandelion handed to me as they enter the bus, the high school girl that always had the wonderful smell of coffee and one day didn't, for her family bought that 'off brand' creamer...(her whole family didn't like it and threw it away after a while), one girls story that her mom lost her job, the little girl that pleaded and cried to be let off the bus the day before Christmas break (against policy to let them back off) because she had left her dad's present in her classroom- he was in Iraq..... -I let her off- she came back and couldn't thank me enough, a photo on one of my high schools phone of her mom after neck surgery, children that would pick up some trash on their way off the bus, children that perhaps I overlooked because they were always so good- sat correctly, quietly... ah, the young souls that touched me...... I let my tears stream. This job takes all of you-I gave it my all. Now like a whisper or's all over once more... it's so bittersweet. I suppose, if I ever stop feeling like this on the last day, I will know not to come back...


  1. Hi Paula, so many things that happen during a working year, pleasant or not, over time are only memories. Enjoy your summer vacation and congratulations to your daughter. Hugs.

  2. Have a great summer vacation!!! It is a great time to recharge your batteries.

    I enjoyed catching up on your blog.

  3. Enjoy your summer break and happy birthday to your daughter.

  4. Happy BD to N - and happy summer break to you!!

    I think of you every time we visit B in Falcon.x

  5. ok, you got me with the little girl's whose dad is in iraq.

    happy birthday to your daughter!!!!

  6. I loved you celebrating on the railways! Happy Summer to you...take care of yourself.


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