Feb 25, 2009


I'm a little cloud...isn't it cute?
Thank you for your support...yes, our little furry friend is gone and yes, there is talk of another. Life's little lessons, but also so worth it. Thank you to the 'anonymous' comment, for it reminds me when I don't get any comments from people I must remember those that still read :)
Where in the world has this month gone? I'll be honest, I'm behind on Robert...once more. I really don't think I can complete him in three days.
Sometimes my mind feels like it gets scrambled....whether it's with work or family...Sometimes I can just stare at my yarn and I feel I cannot calm my mind enough to even focus on the project at hand. When I get like this I like playing computer games or pull out the ol' crossword/word find book! I do not like unresolved things. I dislike the fact when a 'problem/question' goes further than a couple of days. I can't rest. Don't get me wrong, I don't lose sleep or anything, I just can't focus and relax the way I want to when I'm awake!

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Anonymous said...

I have that problem when I try to play chess with friends at work, on break ofcourse,folks will be talking and the t.v. will be on etc. sometimes I beat them but most times I have real trouble focusing and always make that dreaded first mistake.Could be genetic I'm thinking cause I'm your brother!