Jan 10, 2009

Monthly Perigee

Notice anything different tonight?

Our moon is almost 43,000 miles closer than usual (Perigee) and it happens to be a FULL moon! Too bad we only see one side of the moon for all of our lives. I found a picture (scroll down a bit) of the other side for you! I guess we get to view the more thrilling side ;)

SO, I guess Bay of Fundy is feeling a Perigean tide?

Partly cloudy for us, but the size was still remarkable!

OK, my nerdy side comes out at this point...I've always wanted to study the mathematical equations concerning the thing that makes the moon amazing to me...the cause of the tides !(scroll down to see some of the equations) As you notice I have my moon gadget on my sidebar...moon has always intriqued me.
Perhaps it had started with Good Night Moon! Later, with my kids it was Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me !

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