Jan 21, 2009

Monthly Challenge

{ OPAMC} One Project a Month Challenge See sidebar for link/list! Here are two that I noticed from my Blogroll!
Maria Elena and Littleshika

This is what I have been working on for the month of January. I want to share a little background concerning this project. It's a WISP and I've put it off for a number of reason...holidays and overwhelming feeling of not liking working with nylon- first of it's sort..felt like 70's macrame or something. Also, it is quite heavy and thought throughout the project, "I'm not going to like it" but on the other side, I always felt I had to complete it....so I have! I want to do a double lining having the 'bee fabric' on the inside. At first I thought the black fabric would work, but after viewing a picture of it...I'm leaning towards the blue-green. I like how the color shows through the pattern! What do you think? I'm also think it might need some sturdiness to it...but would that add to the weight?
Another view of last night! If you look really carefully, you will see vertical pink sun rays. Yesterday was very dry, but surprisingly warm...so in the coolness of last night once the sun went down this view took my breathe away!


Lilli said...

Love that stitch. I know what you mean about how nylon feels, but it certainly does look wonderful...very textural

I'm leaning toward the purple, but then I am a purple kind of gal :)

MarĂ­a Elena said...

Paula, beautiful work! I glad me that you finished the WISP too. Hugs.

NCmountainwoman said...

I'm so glad we connected. Not only do we share having a Golden Retriever (well, we have two), I also love knitting. I'm not nearly as talented as you, but I do enjoy it very much. I will look forward to following your blog.