Jan 18, 2009

A January WISP

Dear Sewing Machine,
I'm so sorry for having ignored you for a better part of 5 years. I know the occasional hem or fabric repair is not enough to keep your parts smoothly working. I did oil you once when I took you out of your box when we move from San Diego to Colorado. At last, we have a craft room...I know, I know, it will be two years in March. How time flies! You have made all my quilts of the past. We even went to a couple of quilting classes together...when all around us were those 'computerized' type of machines. I never felt bad for you, my little $99 dollar machine, because you have never broken down on me. Sure, we know the trick to covering your feed dogs (since yours don't drop) and I've learned the talent of stopping at needle-down (since you don't stop automatically like that) You were given to me by DH...when I was learning to quilt (by hand) in 1993. I have a public promise to you, my dear sewing machine, this year you will be USED!!!!!!!! Last week we started and I just want you to know I'm going to keep you warm this year.
With love your owner,

**just a little rat investation we have...


Lilli said...

I'm sure that S.M. is greatly reassured by your promise. Have fun, you two !

Mary said...

Go for it! :o)


Jeanne said...

I should be writing a similar letter to my sewing machine. I have had the same one since I was a young girl and my mother enrolled me in a Singer Sewing Center How to Sew class one summer. I chuckled at the comment you made about oiling it once - I don't think I have ever oiled mine in all these years! I'e been very negligent! I am amazed that it still even works!! Have fun re-connecting with your machine PJ!