Apr 26, 2008

4th Month of the Year

LOOK at the nose that entered as I was taking the picture? It's almost sooo on purpose of her!...little fuzzy ham!
a closer view...I guess the snow was welcomed water!
I'm drawn to this one today.
..as well as the variation of blue captured in the Gorge we visited.
Imagine the harsh winds and climate...gravity.... the tenderness and 'just right' conditions needed for a SEED to grow. Perhaps representative of life!

Wow almost 10 days since my last post. Actually, it has felt longer! I'm in a highly contemplating mood lately. A computer is waaaaaay down on the list of ponderings. I actually, for the first time, had a thought that 'blogging' may be on the down slide...I love reading my favorite blogs and know I've fallen way behind. You know, that feeling of 'no return' when you say, 'oh, forget it...' do I dare say that thought has loomed in my mind?

Don't worry...I realize blogging is like creativity..it waxes and wanes like the moon. So I wait ...as my cup refills.
  • Some Xeriscape plants for my backyard...where to buy such plants
  • Lemon Zinger green tea
  • Greeting cards from the 70's and various letters from my past
  • Only 4 wks left...what I have learned with my kids on my bus
  • Closet under the stairs needs huge help!
  • A crocheted choker for my daughter with beads she picked out.
  • My queen size quilt that will be quilted on this summer! Enjoying this right now.


zippiknits said...

I was wondering how "frost tender" a tulip was going to be, and yours are champs. woo hooo! :D

Harriet Hargrave's books are so good! Someday I'll make my dear little niece her baby quilt.

Love your words about blogging. One thing about it, too, is that Blogging is something that is limited by how much any person wants to share about what they are going through. You can see it, that daily balance between sense and sensibility that we all seem to struggle with. The daily deal. It's good that so many are willing to share their human qualities, of getting up every morning and putting those feet on the floor, and smiling at others. It's good, smiling across the miles... Hugs..

Sonia A. Mascaro said...

Great photos, Paula! Love that "nose"... she is lovely, as always! Your flowers are gorgeous and the photos of the Gorge are stunning!

Sure, I understand your words about blogging.

Have a nice Sunday!
A big hug.