May 21, 2007

Spring Progress

Moving into an existing home...there are some things we wanted to change. This weekend DH tore down a huge, very well-built, dog house (Nugget never stepped foot into....she just could fathom why a dog would use such a thing) It was a nice dog house- same color and siding of the house- even with a window and insulation...I should have taken a picture) and there was a cinder block gated thing in front of the sliding glass door...I suppose to keep a dog from the screen and door. Of course, that is not an issue with off to the dump my DH & DS went with a full load! Also, in that truck was stuff from the garage that was left there and old fixtures when my hubby worked on his bathroom. Fun-fun!

I thought T blended in really well with one of our Blue Spruce trees out front! Can you see him?
Look at the buds on this rose bush! One of the fun things about buying a house in the winter is the surprises waiting for the Spring and Summer. T is guessing red, I'm guessing pink, N is guessing yellow....this is one of three bushes along the side of the house! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM!
My seeds are growing well here in Golden Oasis :)


Lilli said...

Goodbye Doghouse!

I'm guessing the roses are pink. Let me know how I did next week.

Grow, seeds, grow :)

Rebekah said...

No surely that wasn't a dog house, that was house for the kids. Or so Abner says. Because he too would not have set foot in a dog house, surely one must jest that dogs live outside in little teeny houses without king-size beds and down comforters.

Sonia A. Mascaro said...

Good luck with your seeds!

Thanks for the compliments to Fernando!

Anne said...

Surprise plant gifts are one of the nicer things in a new-to-you house. When we moved to RI, we only saw the house in November, but by May, we had an English country garden all along the rock walls at the back of the property. Fun!

carolyn said...

Oh just look at your seedlings you are doing well, this garden of yours is going to be wonderful.

Deana said...

The roses were a nice surprise...I can't wait to know the color. And your seeds look so good...just growing away.

Yes we are in the midst of building a big old pond and a dock. Its been fun. Then we are putting a new screened on porch off the back side of the house to overlook the pond. We must just love construction.

So I completely understand you guys changing things up in your new house. It is hard not to want to change everything all at once, but that is just too hard!