Oct 27, 2006

Blue Shadows

Do I dare say 3 years to the day we experienced smoke in the air? The fire is burning near Palm Springs out of control. Smoke is blown in by the Santa Anna's- which a hot, dry wind blowing east to west with humidity down to 40% temps reach 80 typical of this time of year...it moves like a 'cold front' then it leaves! Far enough not to worry, but brings back memories of how this county was plagued by a fire storm shortly after we moved from Florida. I can't believe it has been 3 years last month. Seems much longer-more like 4 years. So it's neat that we will be getting out of here early. Usually, it has to be 4 years 'at sea' time. His last sea time on one ship was 5 years. He always hits a time in a different rank when population of rate/rank are adjusted for the rotation needs of the Navy. This time it is in our favor.

Driving to school to pick up my highschooler I took off my sunglasses because I thought I was seeing things, but all the shadows were blue! Quite a eerie look! The sun was 'showing' oddly...Then I put two and two together in a short hour the smoke had moved into our area. It was very high up, so no smell of it...Just very odd. If you click on the last picture you will see the black specks on the bottom- If you are a reader that has been with me from the start, THOSE are the crows I have mentioned about in my blog that fly south (fly to the left) every night at 7pm. It's remarkable!


Vik said...

I´ve watched it on TV... I hope they can stop the fire soon!

Donna said...

These pictures looks so beautiful. It's hard to imagine all of that beauty came from something so bad. I'm so glad you guys will be leaving sea duty soon. You guys be careful with all this going on.

Cathy said...

Reminds me of the sky during the Hayman burn here. And the crows! Everytime I see crows here, I think of yours. Ours will be heading south soon.

Sonia said...

I've watched the fire on TV! It was very striking and scary! I hope they can stop the fire very soon!

Deana said...

I've been watching the fire on tv.....it is an awful smell and feeling in general to have all that smoke in the air. Plus you know somewhere someone is probably in danger.
If these were kids, and I hope it wasn't, that started this fire then they have ruined their entire lives....people died from their pranks and they have to pay for it.
If not and it was just arsonists wanting to do harm then they deserve death themselves....my take anyway!

Eerie shots!