Sep 12, 2006


I'm sure everyone thought yesterday was reflection day...but today is my personal reflection day. Bear with me if this is too long and misty. It's mainly for sorting out in my brain while giving a key insight to family and friends as well!

The most comforting sound to me is a deafening sound of a forest and then fill that with bird noises...I heard a two second sound of that beyond of the roar of I-15 below. This is the moment many of my readers, which I think I lost a few in the blog move...I sincerely hope not, have been waiting for. (or not)

We are moving to Colorado Springs, CO in March 2007! This is where we wanted to retire, but this time we get our cake and eat it too- my husband will be stationed there before he retires. He is going to be the Chief zone recruiter, which means he will be in charge of all the north area of the city. So, when my husband made that comment, "You need a craft room", he wasn't joking! We are looking for a 4 bedroom home with a basement . We want an older mature landscape type home (no more cookie cutters for us) with at least .20 acre lot. (which many of the older home do have) also allowing space to keep our trailer. (25' Coachmen or any future one we may have our eye on)

March will be interesting. Don't you love that word? Let's just be real...March will be a resemblance of this whole lifestyle we live! L will be flying back as his transfer date is earlier than his ships arrival from the 6 month only about 10 days. So no meeting the ship. That doesn't sound like a big deal to a civilian, but meeting a ship after a cruise is a big deal....Especially when this is the last cruise of his career, but there is no way around it. SO, he flys in -we will be 'packed out' a couple of days later saying goodbye to all our worldly treasures, we will then drive (with our camper) to the Springs..we will be staying at the Air Force Academy campground....look for a home (we've been scouring and contacted an agent who has set up a great personal website for us containing houses that meet our criteria with a whole lot more information than gives) We have lived blocks from where his office will be back in the early 90's...and we know where we want to live based on what schools I want my kids to attend ...Hopefully get a contract that week.....a few weeks later, L will fly to Pensacola for a school for 5 weeks...come back and have to go to Denver for some indoc, and then start duty. Ok, does anyone see the pattern?? Do you?

My shoulders are wide I've been doing it for almost 17 years....who is home to set up the move, get the kids out of present schools, prepare the current home for move-out, set up inspections, closing (hopefully within the time we are thinking of), perhaps set up a move from storage into home, get kids set up with new schools (ever filled out the forms from schools lately?), medical/dental, change that info with the military (I think we are in the same region, though), move in (some how get the trailer to the house if I move in before Lenord gets back) as he will have the truck that pulls it!!! and lastly....unpack? Who?

Three people! *me* *myself* & *I* I'm just going to concentrate and determine which one will do a better job!!!!

Such a juxiposition of thoughts today. I don't know where to start. The above information has been floating around in my head...and I even allowed myself to check out some books on COLOR from the actually start thinking of how I want to decorate/paint/renew rooms is beyond exciting to me. BUT...and the big BUT....there's some work to do before that time. I have to make it through the cruise time sanely...

Today and tomorrow are the hardest days. Our last dinner together tonight, our last lotioned foot rubbing while watching tv together tonight, our last.....nevermind, our last drive down to the pier. It gets like this. Then the children. yes, the precious children. At 14 and 10 you think...okay this is a good age. It is these are great ages...but it still hits different times. We all have our moments

Ok, enough of my self-imposed pitty party. As always, I will stand up, pull up my boot straps, and continue on. I just know this won't be the last you hear of this. I started blogging three months after the last 'cruise'...and had thoughts of never sharing such things. Over time, I've pondered the issue every blogger ponders- are you writing for yourself or are you writing for your readers. Are you hurt when you bare all and there are no comments or is that ok? After YEARS of being a blog commenter...I understand you can't comment on everything. If I had a blog first I may not understand that....but I'm here to stay. I love to SHARE. That's it. Share. If someone gets one bit of thought, idea, inspiration, GREAT...share that back with me!

Otherwise, I will thank you for listening and caring!


Jeanne said...

Paula, congratulations on your news! That is so exciting. Something to look forward to and dream about. I have been to Colorado and it is beautiful. In fact my sister-in-law and her husband are planning on retiring to CO in the next year. They both enjoy skiing and mountain biking, so it is perfect for them. Have fun planning!!

Donna said...

You guys are in our thoughts and prayers today. I know it is hard to feel when you heart is breaking, but we are grateful for the sacrifices your family has made to keep us all safe and free. You probably don't hear it often enough, so let me say Thank You. The freedom we have and the lives we live are a gift. We would not have them without our service members who bravely stand up and protect our country. God Bless You.

Donna McAllister

(PS: You have to know I'm going to want to read anything you want to write! Just keep Blogging.)

Lisa said...

Well it sounds like you have a lot on your plate, BUT, things are turning out pretty nicely, don't you think? Getting to move to your retirement dream spot? Getting a new house with a craft room! I'm happy for you and I know you can do whatever is required to get it done!

Rebekah said...

Wow, that's great that you get to move back where you want to live. You have a lot on your plate coming up, but what excitement.

Glad I refound you, of course via your comment on my blog.

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your pending move!! Moving is always a lot of work, but sounds like you know it will be worth it. As long as you can keep that in perspective most of the time, you will walk through the hardest parts.

I flew over the Rockies on my way out to North Carolina (where I'm visiting relatives) - those mountains are incredibly beautiful! So exciting you'll be going to the place you want to be!!

Deana said...

I am so glad I got your address changed correctly on my blog list finally....

How wonderful you get your cake AND get to eat it too! I am very happy for you and your family....and a very nice post!

Lorette said...

What a lot going on in your life! Congratulations on the good news, and I second Donna's thanks for all you do to keep us all safe and free. Hang in there!

Cathy said...

Well, I, of course, will be looking forward to March 2007 for incredibly selfish reasons of my own. As usual, I hold you in my heart even when I don't comment to the blog.

vanessa said...

i didn't know you'd moved your blog til i read it on cathy's!
you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, and you had me in tears by the end of your post.
only a little over 2 months til my son gets home, i can't wait but i know my ddil really can't wait!

Sonia said...

Dear Paula, just now I read this post when you told us that you are moving to Colorado Springs in March 2007. I am glad that this place is where you and your husband wanted to retire. I wish a good luck to you and your family!