Sep 29, 2006

Part II

..Then the upset of the day....walking in after school, straight to his room, and collapsed to the floor overcome by tears. (he does NOT cry I knew something really happened!)
He said, ".. that at the front door it struck him that he had lost his USS Bunker Hill ballcap!"
My questions fired off: did you leave it on the bus? did you leave it in a museum? (this week was a week long field trip to Balboa Park and the various museums there) I jumped in with the thought..."Daddy can get you another one." Ah, but that was the ball cap he earned when he went on the Tiger Cruise back in May of 2005 when he rode with the ship and his Dad from Hawaii to San Diego after Dad's last deployment. I call a number on the pamphlet. A nice concerned man answered. He talked to T asking the name of the teacher and group he had been with ---long pause--- guess he checked the classroom. Said it's there! He can get it tomorrow! Thank you --such a relief-- T said he doesn't want to wear it again where he might lose it.
Again...I say... A life of a 10 year old boy. I will miss it- it's a very bittersweet time.... caught in the middle of 'young child' & 'older child'. I continue the ride and enjoy every minute of it.

note: the hat made it home safely ;) ...if the unknown man on the phone only knew how he really saved the night!


Rebekah said...

yeah! Glad the hat made it home safely, sometimes even the smallest of objects makes the world of diverence.

Lisa said...

Wonderful! What luck that your son found his hat. And isn't it special that it means so much to him. You guys must be great parents.

carolyn said...

Kids get so attached to things, well so do I! I remember having to do a 200 mile round trip when one of mine had left a much loved possession at a friends house!

Cathy said...

Nice story - happy ending!