Sep 18, 2006


Why is it that the bathroom spray you don't like never runs out?

...sorry, a random thought I just had...So, what did I do this weekend? Our first weekend went rather, 23 more weekends to go! When I said that last night my son said, "Boy, that makes it seem less" in a rather sarcastic voice! HA!

Well, this is what I'm working on right now....Ok..can't get a picture downloaded. Liiiitle bit of the Muuundays...(Office Space) I was going to show you a picture of my TREKKING yard from
Donna (by the way her sky pictures are gorgeous in her pool) I won the yarn through her summer reading program which is still on her left side of her blog. She has started a sock for me. I am going to continue it to get the feel and then begin with a basic sock pattern. I am the last knitter on earth to have never knitted a sock. I honestly feel like I freeze when I hear 'sock' reason for it..just my own self imposed fear. I know I will get comments about how easy they's not that...I don't know what it is. Donna is my counselor on this, and she will get me through it. Sockophobia. For goodness sake, I make doileys with size 10 thread and those small metal it's not that.
So, since I can't post a picture you have to endure my senseless thoughts this morning!!!
AH, I do have my Flickr badge on my sidebar though. I have begun a little 6"x6" scrapbook called {My First 30 Days} idea is to do a little page every night at the end of the most lonely time of day. I completed my {Choose to Move} and for 12 weeks I had lost 8 lbs. Not only is this my time to contemplate how I feel about my husbands recent deployment, but to be mentally 'on-task' with continuing healthy ways. Please feel free to click on the badge to see my first five days!


Susan said...

Oh, I've missed your move to your new site, but now I've found you! What a lot you have going on -- I think this is the best time to tackle sock knitting. I know you can do it, and once you've knit one, you'll be amazed at how you can knit such an oddly shaped but very useful thing. I think that's just the sort of *a-ha* moment you need right now.

Deana said...

I have little projects all over the place. I had started a photo blog off mine and worked on it about 2 days and haven't gotten back to it. All my albums need updating...and I have framed photographs now lining my sofa for an art show next week. It is hard to get everything done we want to! At least for me it is.

Donna said...

Hey you are going to make great socks! Look at everything else you have taught yourself to do. You get so many things done and do them all so well. Congrats on you exercise program. It's not easy to make yourself work out.

I think its a great idea to find was to mark your time and feel like you have moved forwared. I try to break hard things in to smaller "bites" too. That way, you can just look forward to the next goal. Does your husband get a chance to check out your blog? I think that would be great for him to get a small picture of life at home.

Thanks for the computer help today.