Aug 24, 2006

Trying to get my links

Note to self: For some reason I can't get my Flick badge on the right side nor my 'pet'...seems straight forward enough just to copy and past things like I did for my 'rings'. I've seen a eblogger I read have it on I know it can happen. It was going pretty smoothly until this. Big Brother is on (yes, I get caught up into it this year) (while I shake my head) but I'm not going to stress about this now if I do a little each day...I'll be able to share my move eventually...and it would be so cool to have this in a 'free' way.
Had a good time at Sea World yesterday...the 'I believe' show is great with those huge screen and nothing can overlook those awesome Killer Whales!

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Sonia said...

Welcome to Blogger, my dear friend!
See you later!