Dec 4, 2007

It's December what???

What better way to celebrate my birthday than a parade for me?
;) First time ever...BOTH my kids had a part in their schools' marching band on my birthday. They sounded great and it was a nice parade! Had to catch the one of the bus!!
I've been away from my blog for some time because a cold that ending up being upper respiratory and laryngitis! Of course, just because I can't talk give no excuse for no typing! Anyway, I worked all the way it was basically work, do what I had to do, and bed.
December is a busy month anyway...between band concerts, end of semesters, and of course the normal 'festivities' that I don't have to mention. It's stressful for me-always has been....technically, I could put a tree up with lights, have a nice dinner, and call it a night. OK..Scrooge-like I'm sorry, but it really is how I feel every year. Of course, it's very nice to have my husband home during these times. TOO many Christmas' missed in the past. My heart is with those who has a loved one away during this time.
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