Jun 3, 2007

Chilren's Throws Complete!

I started on two knitted throws at the same time back around October 2007. It was around the time when my husband left on a 6 month Navy cruise. I thought that would keep my mind busy, but as many of you know there were far more serious things towards the end of the year and then the move in February! I had it as a goal to make sure to be done with them before summer! I did it!
  • Pattern was from "Hand Knits for the Home" by Caroline Birkett
  • Pattern said to use 'superbulky slub yarn' had to look that term up, but ended up using 'Patons-Bohemian'....about 6 skeins each.
  • Color-My daughter picked 'Copper Chaos' and my son picked out 'Hypnotic Haze'...wonderful yarn, very easy to knit with and felt like velvet!

....and best of all? They LOVE their throws! :)

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