Feb 27, 2017

Long Overdue

 Need to get back to my blog. I miss it. Haven't gone anywhere, but just enjoying my life! Colorado sunsets are as beautiful as ever.
 This is the view from the front of the cottage. Winter is great...no leaves! Summer? Well, they wouldn't miss a tree would they? (just kidding)
 My scale-baby, Bingo, is doing fine! I bought her (a red and blue FEMALE Betta) right after Nugget had passed. So, Bingo is now 1.5 years. Yes, she posed for the photo!
..and then there were TWO!  Snowflake (left) almost 1.5 and Candy Cane (right) 7 months!  She was a rescued kitten from a feral mother. She was fostered and then up for adoption at Cat Haven here in Colorado Springs. They were all named Christmas-like as I got her Dec. 15th.  I now have Double Luck! This is it..I'm not going to be one of those crazy cat ladies. Two are Plenty! ...and Snowflake is a better cat having her! ..and, yes, I get them confused, but as they are getting older I can see the subtle differences. (this photo was right after the New Year)  
I'm kinda getting tired of fakebook...I mean facebook. I miss the 'old fashion' blogging...more personable, more effort, less pretentious! I foresee more posting for me. AND getting back to reading others! By the way, Happy New Year! I would prefer the year of 2017 to be boring! ...pluuease from around 2010 to 2016 was just too much. So, far 2017 is starting out really well!

Oct 29, 2016

Land that is Beautiful

#2341  is 3.75 acres butted up to common land and lake (common land)
From wood teepee which is on a cal-de-sac down towards lake another wood teepee and turn right into forest.    (a previous fall photo)

after Fall photo

^This is the cal-de-sac looking away towards the north along 'Kevin's Place' (yes, it's a 'road')
On the extreme left of this photo is the other lot #2340 a steep wooded  5 acre lot.
the house (on another lot) was behind the big group of aspen trees on the left which, of course, has electric box...so it wouldn't be too too expensive to carry it to the next lot.

^^This is another angel looking south on Kevin's place and the woods of #2340 which goes up the hill and all the way back to half of the back of the cul-de-sac. with the further trees mostly on lot #2341.
[In other words, they owed all the lots on Kevin's place!  with the house being on one lot that is in the middle.]

# 2338  is a 6 acre lot. Imagine going down this road to where it starts to curve (lot marker) and goes all the way to the corner of this road and 'Kevin's Pl' road.  Electric has already been brought up to the lot before the curve. I believe the land on the left side of the road is 'common land'. Behind the hills on the left you would see one of the Spanish Peaks (west one).

The land behind all these lots is common/national forest land. Behind these lots is wooden mountain that you basically 'own' ;) My brother and Dad did hike to top a couple of times.
^I believe he was almost to the top
^ this is a trail my Dad made on # 2340 (among other trails he made on other lots)  

Sep 24, 2016

September 2016

Do I still have 12 followers? Well, if they are who I think they are...Thank You for keeping up with me. ...since I know all the reading involved {funny}
Well, do you realize what yesterday was?  A year. A year since Nugget went over The Bridge. Somehow I felt I needed to wait a year. Why? I don't know...as if a year would mend a broken heart?

I am to the point that I need a dog.  Yes, there has to be a want, but ....I am in need. 
However, I DO love my hood cat though! :)

{Taking selfies with a cat is near impossible}

I leave you with an awesome 9 am cloud picture when I was walking back to the 'bus barn' one morning.

 ..and one of our first 'Pikes Peak' snow a couple of weeks ago.

Jul 1, 2016

Made my Heart Leap

 Took a day trip! To Fairplay, CO (middle mountainous part of the state)
I had already preplanned from my topographical detailed Colorado map book and my CO ghost town book. At this point I'm at around 11,000 to 12,000 feet elevation.  
 Found it!!
An 'arrastra' for prospectors of 1860. Mule driven grinding ore down and water would be channeled over leaving gold behind. Most have been removed from South Park area for museums...this is a rare one left near the road going to 'Kite Lake' (I could not go the entire way comfortably in my car) Just west of Alma, CO in Buckskin Gulch on County Road 8.
 At the end of Buckskin Gulch you would see 3 out of the 54 Colorado mountain peaks that are over 14,000 ft! I turned around here. You can't see in the picture, but the road was getting a little much for a sedan. Oh, how I wish I had a small 4x4...maybe a Colorado (chevy's small pickup) might have to be next...maybe in 8 years or so ;)
 The air, the smell, the alone-ness, the complete security I feel in the mountains. Yes, believe it or not....within the city you feel 'oh, what if something happened...' reminds me of the days I would just take off into the mountains on a mountain bike with my dog.  Yes, I dearly miss Nugget esp. these times.
My Good Thins wanted to explode! HA could you imagine!? By the way, they are very tastey. I got them free on one of the 'Free Friday' that King Soopers has. (Ralphs, City Market, Kroger...few others..all same company...got my Daughter hooked on the APP, too!)